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-Durable, adjustable, consistent slice thickness
-No deposition of broken pieces
-This can be used for Cassava / Sweet Potato / Coco Yam Slicing with Additional cost & Extra die”

-The Flavor Drum rotates with chips and seasonings. It ensures uniform flavor application covering both sides of the chips
-Inclined mirrored finish drum, Zigzag motion Uniform seasoning
-Less wastage of seasoning, & ease of cleaning

We offer a variety of Banana chips-making attachments and accessories to suit your needs, including different cutting blades, slicing discs etc. Whether you’re looking to create thin or thick chips or automate the seasoning process using our Banana Chips Fryer, we have the right attachment for you.

Our attachments and accessories for Banana Chips Fryer are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. We also offer a range of maintenance and cleaning tools to help keep your equipment in top condition.


Semi Automatic Banana Chips Line

Banana Chips Line Attachments and Accessories

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