Economode Food


Batch Type Peeler

Cutter / Dicer

De-Watering/ De-Oiling Hydro

Compact & Economical design to produce best quality & consistent French Fries from batch to batch
Fryer Sizes Available (L X W in feet) – 4’ X 2’ (Regular size) and 5.5’ X 3.5’ (Big Size)


Compact & Economical

Fryer, Blancher & related accessories are arranged in a compact manner making this highly suitable for small scale industries & start ups. Optimal investment, less space for working, low oil holding capacity, less electricity requirement makes it highly ideal and economical. The fryer is well equipped with all features of a continuous fryer

Optimal Peeling

Economode Peeler is easy to handle and gives output with minimal peel loss with minimum energy consumption

Proper Blanching ensures best end product after frying

French Fries processing becomes more efficient with our directly heated Rectangular Blancher. Blanching is an important process as it can influence the crispness after frying, the shelf life after packaging, the colour and firmness of the end product.

De-Oiling Hydro

Any residual oil can be removed with the help of our De-Oiling Hydro Machine. A similar equipment can also used to remove excess moisture from French Fries after blanching

Superior Quality Product with Uniform & Consistent Frying

The Inbuilt Oil Heater along with imported Burner ensures uniform & consistent heating with less temperature drop (Delta T). Additionally the Bucket Filter removes fine particles & reduces wastage to provide superior quality end product with low oil pick up


Superior Insulation
Heat Free Environment
Rapid Cooling Of Edible Oil
Prevents Oil Degration & Provides Good Quality Products
Air Cooled Pump
No Additional Water Cooling Required For Bearings
Tilting System
Uniform Frying, Oil Drains Out & Product Cools Faster
Auto Ignition
Safety For The Operator
Control Panel
All Operations Controlled Through a Wall Mounted Panel
100 Kg/Hr
Edible Oil Holding Capacity (For Fryer With Inbuilt Oil Heater)
130 Ltrs
Fuel Consumption (Fryer) - Diesel
- Gas
18 - 22 Ltrs
24 - 26 Units
Power Required ( in HP) - Fryer
- Blancher
3.25 HP
0.10 HP
Floor Space (in Sq Ft)
600 - 700 Sq ft
Material Of Construction
AISS-304 grade SS


Semi Automatic Potato Chips Line

Batch Type Potato Chips Line

Attachments And Accessoires

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