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How Economode Automation is minimizing the impact of labor shortages in snack food manufacturing industry

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Labor shortages are a chronic problem in the food production industry, especially in India and other parts of Asia.
Economode automatic snack food manufacturing machines can significantly minimize the impact of labor shortages in this industry, as increasing automation in food production will allow more snacks to be produced even while employee numbers are reduced
Many food companies are struggling to keep up with existing demand because of labor shortages, and they can’t grow without expandin
There are companies with orders and potential orders sitting on the table as well as available factory space for additional lines or equipment. However, it’s next to impossible for them to take advantage of these opportunities due to a lack of staff availability.
Automation of snack food manufacturing is a permanent solution to labor shortages in the snack food manufacturing industry.
Most companies have implemented innovative and creative initiatives to combat their staffing problems, but none of them are long-term solutions.
Examples include raising employee salaries or offering referral bonuses. These initiatives can and do work…until a competitor offers a bigger raise, leading to poaching and the loss of skilled employees.
As experienced workers retire and others leave the industry, it becomes even more challenging to get a result from short-term initiatives.
Economode automation in food production is a long-term solution to the current labor shortage
When you invest in automation like Economode Food Equipment, you’re not just buying equipment. You’re getting a technology solution that will continue to deliver on the operational requirements of your business—even if something better comes along or someone else wants it more…
Economode Food Equipment solutions can be expanded or adjusted as the needs of your business change.

Making the Best Use of Your Resources

Automating a process is often not about replacing workers or even reducing the overall number of employees on staff. It’s about getting the greatest value out of every single person working in their company—It is important to find ways for employees to do what they are already good at, rather than spending time on activities that only humans can perform.
Low skill level is another consideration for food manufacturers, as the automation technologies now available make it possible to hire staff with lower levels of skills. This is yet another way that automation can help food processors minimize the impact of labor shortages.

Prioritizing Staff Retention

Automation in snack food manufacturing isn’t just about reducing the number of operators required on a production line. In many factories, a crucial priority is improving working conditions for current workers while simultaneously keeping costs down.
Improving working conditions includes:
  1. Reducing the amount of lifting employees need to do, thus improving their health and safety.
  2. Ensuring that workstations are as ergonomic as possible, so operators will be comfortable.
  3. Simplifying the production line, creating a more streamlined and efficient process that brings calm and control to the working environment

Additional Benefits of Automation in food production with Economode

Automation in food production isn’t just about solving challenges with labor shortages; other benefits include:
  1. Improved compliance with regulatory processes
  2. Improved quality control processes
  3. Enhanced product safety
  4. Tracing products back to their origins
  5. Maximizing returns on investment
  6. Minimizing waste
  7. Production line oversight
  8. Improved data management
  9. Increased workplace safety
  10. Better use of resources
  11. New products
  12. Improved sustainability

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