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Maximize Cooking Oil Life In Your Namkeen Factory

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Cooking oil is a crucial part of the Namkeen production process, and it is important to take important measures to prevent its deterioration from time to time which helps in reducing waste, expenses, and the possibility of producing food products with a poor flavour.
The frying oil tends to degrade over time due to various factors, such as exposure to heat, light, and air, and the accumulation of food particles and moisture. This degradation can result in the oil becoming awful and unhealthy, which can affect the quality of the namkeen and pose health hazards to consumers.
In this post, we will discuss how to extend the life of cooking oil in commercial frying machines and which company offers most affordable namkeen making machine price.
Because the degradation of oil is a serious problem, the namkeen fryer manufacturers must provide a machine that can help maintain oil quality.
When you are going to buy automatic namkeen fryers you should make yourself aware of various aspects of machines & their environmental requirements. You should choose the best namkeen fryer machine, choose the oil that is ideal for the frying system and product, and follow good oil management to maintain high oil quality.

How can oil go bad?

The deterioration of namkeen frying oil falls into three categories:


Cooking oil and air coming into contact cause this. High temperatures, metal alloys, oil exposed to air over a large surface, sluggish rates of oil turnover, and UV light all catalyse the oxidation reaction. Antioxidants can be used to prevent excessive oxidation from starting and to extend the shelf life of products.


You may not have known this, but reducing wastage is an effective way of cutting costs and reducing Potato Chips Line Price when making potato chips. It can help manufacturers reduce their costs while maintaining quality.


When frying oil degrades, both volatile (or reactive) and non-volatile chemicals are produced as byproducts. The frying oil’s non-volatile chemicals are still there and can cause polymerization. On the oil surface and in other parts of the fryer, these molecules combine to create substantial clusters of various sizes. As they don’t dissolve, they produce foaming (such as when air gets trapped in the oil), raise the risk of hydrolysis, and are challenging to remove from the automatic namkeen fryer.

The selection of oil and its standards

The type of oil you are going to select for your namkeen-making industry will impact the final flavour. As a Namkeen Manufacturer, you are compelled by consumer choice to reduce the number of saturated fats in the finished product.
More oil instability would come from higher levels of unsaturated oils, which is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing continuous namkeen fryers .
Environmental standards are also quite important. Effective oil-handling performance along with appropriate oil storage and transfer equipment must be taken into account because some oils harden in ambient circumstances.
You need to make sure that the oil used is compatible with the way namkeen is fried. Namkeen manufacturers must also ensure that oil specifications are m
You as a namkeen manufacturer must decide on what to consider to be a minimum standard for oil quality and make sure the supplied oil meets this need
In countries like India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, UAE the namkeen machine prices are affordable and in premium quality.

Ways To Maximize Cooking Oil Life

Use high-quality oil

Filtering the oil regularly will help to remove food particles and other impurities that can contribute to the degradation of the oil. It is recommended to filter the oil daily or after every batch of namkeen snacks. This will not only extend the life of the oil but also improve the quality of the snacks along with affordable automatic sev making machine price.

Store the oil properly

Storing the oil properly is crucial in maximizing its life. The oil should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light. Exposure to heat and light can accelerate the oxidation process, leading to the oil becoming rancid quickly. It is also recommended to store the oil in a sealed container to prevent the entry of air and moisture.

Monitor the oil temperature

The temperature of the oil is another critical factor in its lifespan. Cooking oil should be maintained at a temperature between 160°C and 180°C. Cooking at higher temperatures will cause the oil to break down quickly, leading to faster degradation. It is recommended to use a thermometer to monitor the oil temperature during the frying process in an automatic namkeen fryer or bhujia maker machine.

Use antioxidants

Antioxidants such as citric acid or ascorbic acid can be added to the oil to slow down the oxidation process. These additives work by neutralizing the free radicals that cause the oil to become rancid. However, it is important to note that the use of antioxidants should be limited to the recommended dosage to avoid affecting the flavour of the snacks. In conclusion, maximizing the namkeen frying oil life in your namkeen-making factory is essential to producing high-quality and healthy snacks. Using the right continuous namkeen fryer, high-quality oil, filtering the oil regularly, storing the oil properly, monitoring the oil temperature, and using antioxidants are some of the ways to extend the lifespan of cooking oil. Economode offers affordable namkeen plant cost without even compromising the qualiy of final product

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