Sev Murmura Line, Namkeen Snacks Food, Multi Product Continuous Frying System Manufacturer in India

Fully Automatic Sev Murmura Line

Fully Automatic Sev Murmura Line

The Fully Automatic Sev Murmura Line is a continuous processing arrangement for roasting and ixing of Murmura.

Special Features

Roasting Control
Specially engineered roasting machine for moisture removal.

Masala Mixing
Ensures proper mixing results uniform color and taste.

Slurry System
Seasoning is added to the product using parasatic pump gives better abrosption results proper taste and color.

Technical Specification
Model FASML - 500
Output 500 Kg/ Hr
Fuel Consumption - Diesel Gas 6 - 7 ltrs / 5 - 6 Units
Power Required (Diesel, Gas) 15 HP
Floor Space 900 Sq. Ft.
Material of Construction AISS-304