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Accessories required for Namkeen making production line

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Namkeen is a popular Indian snack that is consumed across the world. It is in high demand in countries like India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and UAE. With the increasing demand for Namkeen, the need for an efficient production line has become crucial. An efficient production line not only increases the production capacity but also ensures the quality of the final product.

To ensure cost-effective and quality products the namkeen manufacturers must install the necessary accessories that make the working of the namkeen fryer machine more smooth and fast. In this blog we are going to highlight some essential parts offered by namkeen fryer manufacturers for the efficient production process:


A mixer is an essential part of an automatic namkeen fryer. It is used to mix all the ingredients to make the dough for Namkeen. The mixer should be able to mix the ingredients uniformly and quickly.
Typically it is a large machine that is capable of handling a large number of ingredients. The mixer is equipped with blades or paddles that rotate and fold the ingredients to form a dough.
The speed of the mixer can be adjusted based on the type and quantity of the ingredients used.
The mixing time and speed are critical factors in the Namkeen production process. Overall, the mixer plays a crucial role in the continuous namkeen fryer. It ensures that the ingredients are mixed uniformly and that the dough is consistent, which is essential for producing high-quality Namkeen.


An extruder is used to shape the Namkeen dough into the desired shape. It is essential to have an extruder that can produce Namkeen in various shapes and sizes.
It ensures that the Namkeen is uniform in shape and size, which is important for the overall appearance and texture of the final product. In addition, the extruder helps to streamline the Namkeen production process by shaping the dough into different shapes quickly and efficiently.


It is important to have a fryer that can fry the Namkeen uniformly and quickly. It should also be able to maintain a consistent temperature to ensure that the Namkeen is fried prop
The fryer used in an automatic namkeen fryer machine is designed to handle the specific needs of Namkeen frying. For example, the fryer is able to maintain a consistent temperature and provide even heating to ensure that the Namkeen is fried uniformly. The fryer is also equipped with safety features, such as automatic shut-off switches, to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

Oil filtration system

An oil filtration system is used to remove the impurities from the oil used for frying Namkeen. This helps to maintain the quality of the oil and ensure that the Namkeen is fried in clean oil.
The oil filtration system works by removing impurities and contaminants from the frying oil, such as crumbs, starches, and other particles that can accumulate during the frying process. These impurities can cause the oil to break down and result in poor-quality Namkeen.

Seasoning machine

A seasoning machine is used to add the required seasoning to the Namkeen. The seasoning machine is an essential component of a namkeen fryer machine, as it adds flavourings and spices to the final product, which is critical for producing high-quality Namkeen. This machine is designed to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely to ensure worker safety and maintain the quality of the Namkeen.

Namkeen Mixture

Cooling system

A cooling system is a crucial component of a Namkeen production line, as it is used to cool down the fried Namkeen after it has been removed from the fryer. It is also important because it helps to set the texture and ensure that the Namkeen made is crispy and crunchy.
The cooling system typically consists of a conveyor belt that moves the fried Namkeen through a cooling tunnel. It is equipped with a series of fans that blow cool air onto the Namkeen to reduce its temperature.

Packaging machine

A packaging machine is used to pack the Namkeen into packets. It is the most crucial part of the namkeen production unit as this can pack the Namkeen accurately and quickly.
The packaging machine typically consists of a hopper that holds the Namkeen and a conveyor belt that moves the bags or containers through the packaging process. This machine is designed to handle various types of bags or containers, such as pouches, boxes, or jars.
To be more precise, an efficient
batch-type namkeen fryer requires a range of essential parts, including a mixer, extruder, fryer, oil filtration system, seasoning machine, cooling system, and packaging machine. All these parts need to work in harmony to ensure that the Namkeen production line works efficiently and produces high-quality Namkeen. Successful Namkeen makers in countries like India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and UAE are using all these accessories and generating higher profits every year. If you wish to gain the same success then install Economode’s namkeen fryer machine and its accessories today.

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