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We manufacture this potato chips production line for small to medium-sized potato chips production needs. Our advanced equipment is designed to make the process of creating delicious and high-quality potato chips efficient and easy to operate.
If you are a small to medium scale factory in food processing and looking at upgrading/ automating your existing Potato Chips Production Line or simply start a new plant, then our Semi-Automatic Potato Chips Line is the perfect solution to meet your needs within your budget.
Feed Conveyor with Metered Hopper
The Feed Conveyor with Metered Hopper receives Dried Raw Potato Slices from the Hydro Machine. It consists of a Metered Hopper to uniformly feed Slices to the Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for further transporting onto the Vibro Shaker at a uniform rate for proper output. Potato Chips Machine Cost is reasonable at Economode, it can be a profitable deal for all types of potato chips manufacturers in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, UAE.
Vibro Shaker
The Vibro Shaker is fitted with specially engineered vibrators, for accurate & sound free vibration. It also sieves the small particles and separate the slices before feeding to the fryer. Here at Economode we offer affordable Potato Chips Machine Price so that machines can be supplied to a wide range of potato chip businesses.
Continuous Frying System

The Continuous Frying System is engineered to provide perfect texture & taste to the finished product & ensure optimum oil pick up and maximum moisture removal for higher shelf life. Frying of slices take place as the slices pass through heated vegetable oil flowing continuously from one end to the other end of the fryer at a controlled temperature for a precise period of time. Slices are moved forward through a series of paddles and a submerger. Paddles moves the slices forward with agitation preventing cluster formation. Mainly surface moisture is evaporated during paddling and most of frying takes place in submerger section. These fried chips are then removed from the fryer by the fryer take-out conveyor. All this is possible with our affordable potato chips machine cost. Some of the Key Features are as follows: Optimal Oil Turnover Ratio – The Fryer is well designed to have low oil holding capacity to achieve Optimum oil turnover ratio. Multiple oil inlets & outlets – The fryer has multiple oil inlet for maintaining required temperature across the frying area. It also has multiple outlet to ensure quick fines removal through filtration. Laminar Oil flow -The flow of the oil inside fryer is laminar which ensures consistent temperature Control and proper oil quality throughout the holding area. Paddle, submerged, off-take conveyor assembly – The combination of paddles, submerged and Offtake conveyor is such that it gives the best product as output. Speed of the conveyor belts can be controlled from the panel to have required frying time. Similarly flow of the oil in fryer can be controlled from the valves. Air cooled pump – No additional water cooling required for bearings. Cyclic sprocket – Helps in Manual operation in case of breakdown to take out material from fryer Belt type Continuous filter – Increases usability of frying oil as filtration system removes fine particles which saves huge cost of oil. The filtered particles are collected in tray for easy removal. There is an option to provide a Drum Type Continuous Filter solution based on requirement. Oil level Control & Management – Oil continuously flows in the system with the help of pump to maintain the optimal oil level in the Fryer. Mechanical lifting mechanism – The whole Fryer is designed in a way to have easy cleaning. The hood and both the conveyor (Submerged & Off-take) can be lifted with help of motorized mechanical system with low maintenance. Oil Storage System & Heat Exchanger – A storage tank is also connected through the pipe line which has capacity to store entire oil in the system. The frying system includes specially designed Thermic heat exchanger or Gas/Diesel Oil Heater. PLC Control Panel – It supports recipe management through PLC panel and is best suited for this line as a single point control system.

Transfer Conveyor
The Transfer Conveyor receives fried chips from the conveyor belt and feeds to the Flavouring Drum. It is required for inspection and sorting (manually) of fried chips before it goes for flavoring. The chips become slightly cooled down, before flavoring.
Flavor Applicator with Vibrator
The Flavor Applicator stores the seasoning and discharge it to the vibrator (scarf feeder) through the rotating Screw. This is designed to avoid lumps formation. The Vibrator forms a scarf of seasonings for optimal coverage. The ratio of seasoning and chips is controlled by controlling the speed of the rotating screw. The vibrator (scarf feeder) comes with multi-dimensional adjustable tray for precise positioning of seasoning drop as per the product requirement.
Zig-Zag Flavor Drum
The Zig-Zag Flavor Drum rotates with the chips and seasonings. It ensures uniform flavor application covering both side of the chips. The inside of the Drum has mirrored finish, which avoids wastage of seasoning and helps in easy cleaning.
PLC Control Panel System
We provide Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system to control multiple machines and process functions, pre-programmed product menus, and complete data management at the touch of a single screen touch display screen. The PLC control panel is customized and designed specifically for the entire processing line providing user friendly operation and complete equipment control and data management at your fingertips. The control panel is mounted near the fryer with suitable stand for ease of operation and also comes with affordable Potato Chips Machine Price.


Frying Control

Specially engineered multi oil inlets maintain positive oil flow to clear the product infeed area & provide precise control of temperature & rapid adjustment to feed change.

Continuous Filtration

Circulating oil keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal. Every minute 100% of the system oil volume passes through drum filter to remove 100% product particles for the highest oil & product quality.

Oil Quality

Low oil volume and rapid oil turnover assure fresh product with a long shelf life. Optimal level is automatically maintained.

Compact Design

Compact design results into cost efficient operations by reducing space, energy & water usage.


Model SAPCL - 100 SAPCL - 200
100 kg/ Hr
200 kg/ Hr
Edible Oil Holding Capacity
550 Ltrs
750 Ltrs
Power Required With Blancher
Power Required Without Blancher
19 HP
22 Hp
Water Required
500 Ltrs / Hr
1000 Ltrs / Hr
Floor Space
1200 Sq. Ft.
1500 Sq. Ft.
Length Of the Line
51 Ft
55 Ft
Material of Construction


Semi Automatic Potato Chips Line

Batch Type Potato Chips Line

Attachments And Accessoires

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