Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line

The fully automatic potato chip production lines are created to transform potatoes into delicious, top-quality potato chips. Various capacities can be customized to meet your needs. Count on our potato chips manufacturing machine unit to make your commercial potato chip manufacturing a successful venture and to guarantee a healthy profit margin.

Special Features

Frying Control
Specially engineered multi oil inlets maintain positive oil flow to clear the product infeed area & provide precise control of temperature & rapid adjustment to feed change.

Continuous Filtration
Circulating oil keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal. Every minute 100% of the system oil volume passes through drum filter to remove 100% product particles for the highest oil & product quality.

Oil Quality
Low oil volume and rapid oil turnover assure fresh product with a long shelf life.

Air Knife
Indigenously developed air knife removes excess surface water from washed slices. Less pm-frying slice surface moisture reduces energy consumption & increases the edible oil self life.

Compact Design
Compact design results into cost efficient operations by reducing space, energy & water usage.

Technical Specification



Edible Oil Holding Capacity

Power Required With Blancher

Power Required Without Blancher

Water Required

Floor Space

Length Of the Line

Material of Construction

FAPCL - 300

300 Kg/ Hr

900 Ltrs

65 Hp

52 HP

2000 Ltrs / Hr

3000 Sq. Ft.

140 Ft


FAPCL - 500

500 Kg/ Hr

1600 Ltrs

85 HP

65 Hp

3500 Ltrs / Hr

4000 Sq. Ft.

160 Ft


FAPCL - 1000

1000 kg/ Hr

3000 Ltrs

122 Hp

102 Hp

6000 Ltrs / Hr

5000 Sq. Ft.

160 Ft