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Exclusive/ Specialized fryer designed to deliver uniform processing, maximum expansion and best quality Rice Flakes (Poha) & Corn Flakes.
Indigenously built Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system controls multiple machines and process functions, pre-programmed product menus, and complete data management at the touch of a single screen touch enabled display screen. The PLC control panel is customized and designed specifically for the entire processing line providing user friendly operation and complete equipment control and data management at your fingertips.


Low Oil Holding & Higher Oil Turnover Rice Flakes (Poha) being a highly oil sensitive product, this exclusively designed Fryer supports lower quantity of oil holding & faster oil turnover. This ensures better oil management as oil quality remains intact for a longer period.
Improved Product Quality with Maximum Expansion A combination of specially designed Paddles & Offtake conveyor ensures optimum frying & oil pick up during frying process. The hot oil inlet & continuous filtration mechanism provide precise control of temperature, product flow & fines removal. The end result is an improved product with maximum expansion & better shelf life.
Faster Cooling Poha unlike any other snack requires to be cooled faster after frying to reduce breakage & seasoning is optimum. Our Forced Cooling Conveyor ensures quick cooling at minimal floor space. Specially mounted product sensor along with an uniquely designed Zig Zag Tumbler interior ensure seasoning is optimum & the loss minimize.
Reduced Scrap & Residual Wastage Poha comes with lot of fines & impurities which pose a threat during frying process. Our state-of-the-art Drum Filter ensures efficient scrap removal.
Best Designed Fryer for Corn Flakes Tried & tasted for Corn Flakes frying as the expansion is the best ensuring drastic improvement in quality of end product.


Continuous Oil Filter – Drum Type
Automatic Oil Level Control
Air cooled pump for Oil circulation
Cooling system inside Oil tank
PLC Control Panel
Clean-in-Place (CIP) System


Space Required (in ft) - Lenght x Width x Height
55 ft X 10 ft x 8 ft
55 ft X 13 ft x 8 ft
Production Output
500 Kg/Hr
1000 Kg/Hr
1000 Kg/Hr
300 lts
300 lts
Heat Load (in kcal)
1.5 Lakh Kcal
3.0 Lakh Kcal
3.0 Lakh Kcal
Continuous Drum Type
Continuous Drum Type
Material Of Construction
AISS-304 Grade SS
AISS-304 Grade SS
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