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Potato Chips Attachments and Accessories

-Easy to handle with minimum peel loss
-Potato peeler gives minimum peel loss while achieving the maximum peel removal
-Durable & Easy to handle
-Removes excess surface water
-Ensures 5-6% of surface water on dewatered slices
-It utilizes the centrifugal force imparted on potato by rotating impeller. A slice is produced as the potato passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner.
-Durable, adjustable, consistent slice thickness
-No deposition of broken pieces
-The Flavor Drum rotates with chips and seasonings. It ensures uniform flavor application covering both sides of the chips
-Inclined mirrored finish drum, Zigzag motion Uniform seasoning
-Less wastage of seasoning, & ease of cleaning
As one of the best potato chips line manufacturers, we understand the importance of having the right attachments and accessories for your potato chip production line. That’s why we offer a wide range of attachments and accessories to complement our potato chip production equipment.


Semi Automatic Potato Chips Line

Batch Type Potato Chips Line

Attachments And Accessoires

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